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Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Modelling

Call for participants in the 21st ERSA / 3rd PREPARE Summer Institute

The European Regional Science Association is offering the opportunity to participate in the 21st ERSA / 3rd PREPARE Summer Institute that will be held July 6th - July 15th 2008 in Pecs, Hungary. The event is funded by the European Union (Marie Curie Program).


The goal of the 21st ERSA / 3rd PREPARE Summer Institute is to provide PhD-students and young researchers with


In the summer institute you can expect ten highly focused and intense days of advanced training, student presentations and discussion, and discussion of career strategies. Two excursions will complete the unique experience of this summer institute.


The summer institute will be focused on the issues of Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Computable General Equilibrium (SCGE) Modelling. In a format of combined lectures and hands on training provided by top-level experts, we will deal with the following areas in the advanced training component:


As of current planning, the following persons have agreed to lecture at the summer institute:


The summer institute will be held entirely in English.


Participants are expected to arrive at the venue of the summer institute in Pecs, Hungary, on Sunday, July 6nd for the opening event at 7pm. The summer institute will close with a graduation dinner held on Tuesday, July 15th in the evening. Participants are expected to be available for the full period of the summer institute. As part of the summer institute, every participant is expected to give a short presentation of his/her research.


ERSA is looking for participants with the following characteristics:

Among participants fulfilling these criteria preference will be given to women and participants from Central and East-European countries.


Participants will be selected by the local organizing committee primarily according to the above mentioned criteria. In addition to these criteria, the organizers will look for an international mix of participants. The number of participants is limited to 30.


The costs of the programme and of local accommodation of participants will be covered by funding from the European Union (Marie Curie Program). Also, the travel expenses of participants (cheapest opportunity) will be covered up to a limit of EUR 300.


Participants in the summer institute in 2008 are expected to participate in a special session that will be organized at the European congress of the Regional Science Association in August 2009 in Lodz, Poland. Participation in this conference will also be financially supported through PREPARE from EU funding.


Doctoral / PhD-students and young researchers who want to participate in the summer institute should submit their application in electronic form via

The application has to include the following information:


Deadline for the application is March 10th 2008.


We have prepared some promotional material for the summer institute 2008. Here you can access a Word document, a a PDF-file (A4), and a a PDF-file (A3).